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Hello. We are
Certified fire safety consultants, here to guide you through the difficult area of safety regulations.
Fire Safety
Fire safety advice you can completely depend upon
Fire Risk
Helping you understand the risk and elevate your long-term safety position.
Fire Door
Robust fire door inspections to ensure every aspect of your fire doors are functioning in accordance with regulations.
Fire compartmentation surveys for complete assurance your building is ‘fire safe’.
Health & Safety
Closely interacting with ‘responsible persons’ to support positive Health & Safety practices

Why choose Atlantas Group?

Welcome to Atlantas Group, fire protection and health & safety consultants for the UK.

Here at Atlantas, we provide expertise to guide and support you through your fire protection and health & safety compliance journey.

We’re fully accredited safety consultants, trusted by educational establishments and commercial businesses throughout the UK to provide dependable advice and ensure the highest fire safety and health & safety standards are always observed and met.

Our core values

In short, what matters to us is helping you protect the things that matter to you; the integrity of your premises and the safety of every individual inside.

  • We give you the peace of mind you’re meeting your regulatory fire protection and health & safety requirements.
  • We act with absolute integrity, every step of the way.
  • We take our responsibilities seriously and will only ever recommend action that is in the very best interests of your workplace.

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