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Fire compartmentation surveys for complete assurance that your building is ‘fire safe’

A compartmentation survey is designed to assess the fire risk of each individual area or sub-division of your building. Compartmentation is designed to help prevent the rapid spread of smoke and fire. It can also protect escape routes and high-risk or high-value areas within the building.

Regular surveys are an essential element of your fire risk strategy and a legal requirement under RRFSO: 2005 (the Regulatory Reform Order 2005, which now encompasses most fire safety legislation in one order).

Atlantas Compartmentation

What’s involved in a compartmentation survey?

Atlantas will undertake a detailed on-site survey, which will include assessing the fabric of the building in detail and evaluating the compartmental resilience to the spread of smoke and fire.

Our compartmentation survey includes:

  • A thorough visual inspection of all areas where a fire could potentially spread. This includes assessing the condition of compartmentation features including walls, ceilings and floors and a detailed inspection of hard-to-access areas, including loft voids and air ducts.
  • Assessment of fire-resistant materials used in construction to ensure these meet the required fire safety standards.
  • Verifying that partition walls are fire-rated and provide adequate fire breaks.

Dependent on requirements, we will advise if a non-invasive or invasive survey is required.

Once completed, we’ll provide you with a written report detailing required improvements (both structural and non-structural). If you wish, we can then arrange for one of our carefully selected construction and maintenance partners to carry out any work to bring you up to the required standards in the agreed time frames.

For more information about our compartmentation surveys please contact the Atlantas team on 0800 651 2020.

Building compartmentation
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Your free site audit consists of a 30 minute site inspection of any area you wish and a full report detailing issues found, complete with a risk rating and suggested action plan to resolve the issues.

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