Schools & Colleges Fire Safety Consultants

Helping schools, colleges and universities to safeguard property and protect everyone in the school community.

Like you, we know that when it comes to school/college safety and the protection of staff, students and premises, there can be no compromise.

With substantial Government funds allocated to support a national focus on fire safety and our experience in the sector, we can help you effectively utilise resources to work towards a safer educational environment.

Making sure you’re aware of the risks and helping you to mitigate them.

At Atlantas, we’ll help you gain a deeper understanding of where the potential threats lay within your individual establishment. We do this by conducting a highly personalised risk assessment of your educational premises, which considers all variables and factors to determine your school’s exposure to risk. For example, the age of your building is a key consideration, with many schools and universities in the UK pre-dating the introduction of building or fire safety regulations.

With over a decade of experience, there’s not much you could teach Atlantas about the implementation of effective health & safety strategies in the education market including:

  • Fire safety in schools.
  • Fire safety advice for colleges.
  • Safety risk assessments for educational establishments.
Atlantas Education
Fire Safety
Fire safety advice you can completely depend upon
Fire Risk
Helping you understand the risk and elevate your long-term safety position.
Fire Door
Robust fire door inspections to ensure every aspect of your fire doors are functioning in accordance with regulations.
Fire compartmentation surveys for complete assurance your building is ‘fire safe’.
Health & Safety
Closely interacting with ‘responsible persons’ to support positive Health & Safety practices

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