21 – 27 September is Fire Door Safety Week, an initiative launched in response to a legacy of fire door neglect. Initiated in 2013, Fire Door Safety Week aims to enhance the public’s understanding of the crucial role fire doors play in the safety of property and – more importantly – human life.

This year’s campaign is particularly significant given that around half of the general population are currently working from home (ONS, 2020), making it crucial for everyone, from the manufacturer through to building users, to ensure that a fire door performs as it should.

Managed by the British Woodworking Federation, the campaign also highlights the need for understanding across all sectors, especially those responsible for protecting the most vulnerable such as schools, colleges, hospitals, care homes, and sheltered accommodation. Despite the benefits fire doors provide, it was found that of 177 care homes inspected in London, one third had poorly maintained fire doors. This shocking figure mirrors concerns raised by the Fire Safety Week 2019 report into care homes, in which 75% of workers agreed that their place of work could do more to improve fire safety and 63% thought their place of work was at risk of fire.

Fire Door Safety Week 2020 has a number of supporters across the UK from community groups, the housing sector, fire and rescue services, and consultancies. Each organisation pledges to help spread awareness on the importance and benefits of fire doors.

Are Your Fire Doors Safe?

A fire door’s main benefit – and key objective – is to enable occupants to safely and speedily vacate a property while also minimising damage. If installed and maintained correctly, they can prevent smaller fires escalating into larger, more serious conflagrations. While fire doors present a number of advantages, it is critical the doors have been fitted and assessed by professionals in order to safeguard against any potential deficiencies.

At Atlantas Group, we are fully accredited and informed on the current and emerging regulation and legislation surrounding fire safety in public and commercial premises. We specialise in fire safety and fire door inspection and understand the risks and strategies required to implement and mitigate fires. If you would like to discuss how we can improve the safety of your property or ensure your offices are as safe as possible in the unlikely event of a fire, please contact us on 0800 651 2020 or via the form below.