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Expert health & safety consultants you can rely on

As qualified health and safety consultants with over 10 years of experience working with organisations across the UK, we can offer expert advice on your policies and procedures.

Working with your ‘responsible person’, we take the time to familiarise ourselves with the challenges facing your organisation and understand any concerns you and your people have.

We’ll then work closely with you and carry out a full risk assessment at your premises to rapidly identify areas of concern. This will be presented to you in a detailed, plain English report designed to help us ascertain the threat of injury facing your people and the risk of damage to your property.


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Atlantas’s vast experience in health & safety compliance means you’re in safe hands

Whether you’re responsible for the health and safety for staff and pupils in a school, or the wellbeing of employees in a commercial business, we can help. As with all consultancy services offered by Atlantas we’ll adopt a friendly, personal approach. We’ll put you at ease in raising any concerns you have in terms of health & safety, and work with you to ensure your organisation is meeting both, its social and legal responsibilities.

Our in-depth health & safety assessment checks, evaluates and identifies key risks to personal safety within public spaces and workplaces and covers, for example:

  • Cause and prevention: Ensuring safe movement around your premises by identifying potential access issues or trip hazards.
  • Emergency evacuation: Assessing the accessibility and regulatory dimensions of escape routes and emergency exits within your premises.
  • Fire safety: Maintaining and servicing key fire protection equipment, including fire alarms and sprinkler systems.

Start your health & safety assessment with Atlantas by calling 0800 651 2020 or using the form below.


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Fire Safety
Fire safety advice you can completely depend upon
Fire Risk
Helping you understand the risk and elevate your long-term safety position.
Fire Door
Robust fire door inspections to ensure every aspect of your fire doors are functioning in accordance with regulations.
Fire compartmentation surveys for complete assurance your building is ‘fire safe’.
Health & Safety
Closely interacting with ‘responsible persons’ to support positive Health & Safety practices

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